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An efficient and easy to use application functioning as an integrated schematic editor meant to help engineers create and simulate electrical circuits

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Micro-Cap is an advanced piece of software aimed to provide you with the simplest way possible of creating electrical circuit designs, as well as test-running them in order to simulate how they would behave in a real-life situation, thus determining their viability.

The program is quite easy to use, requiring nothing more or less than some basic knowledge about building electronic and electrical devices. It helps you draw the schematics of various circuits, using any components and parts you want from the extensive library that Micro-Cap offers. The library counts over thirty two thousand entries, with logic and analog parts.

Using the 'Schematic Editor and Simulator', you can design your own circuit, customizing it to meet your needs and adjusting everything about it, including power, frequency, voltages and many more.

When you have finished drawing your circuit, you can run a simulation, enabling you to see how your circuit is supposed to work on a theoretical level, as well as operate a worst case analysis to determine its limits. It returns results concerning three types of performance limitations, based on Root Sum Square, Monte Carlo and Extreme Value analysis.

Moreover, the 'Optimizer' component allows you to improve your circuit by automatically tuning various aspects, such as parameter and component values or variables in your circuit. This way, you can maximize the chances for a successful performance from your schematic circuit in real-life conditions.

Another useful function of Micro-Cap is its ability to run waveform plotting operations, enabling you to closely study what happens during a circuit simulation. You have the option of adjusting the simulation configuration, modifying the input temperature, duration or conditions.

Micro-Cap is a great application that provides you with countless features and options meant to improve your ability to design highly functional electrical circuits, that can run successfully every time.

Micro-Cap was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on December 19th, 2013
Micro-Cap - The main window of the application allows you to view the circuit and to change the schematic by adding new devices.Micro-Cap - You can migrate the schematic or translate it to a SPICE text file from the File menu.Micro-Cap - The Edit menu allows you to create multiple page schematics and to manage the electrical parts.Micro-CapMicro-CapMicro-CapMicro-CapMicro-CapMicro-CapMicro-CapMicro-CapMicro-CapMicro-CapMicro-CapMicro-CapMicro-CapMicro-CapMicro-Cap

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