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An intuitive application that helps users design 3D plane models by allowing them to choose between different preset aircraft types and change the size, position and model for the fuselages, wings and horizontal stabs

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Model Air Design is a cross-platform software utility built specifically for helping users create 3D-model aircrafts. While other dedicated CAD tools come packed with many editing capabilities and parameters for drawing a plane from scratch, this one makes the entire process seem nothing but a piece of cake.

Model Air Design gives users the possibility of designing plane models by assembling previously drawn parts. It sports an intuitive interface and, thanks to its step-by-step approach, you are offered guidance throughout the entire process.

You can choose between different aircraft models, as well as change the size, position and model for the fuselages, wings and horizontal stabs. Furthermore, you can pick a color for the wheel pants, struts and spinner, right and left wings as well as the bottom of the right and left wings.

During designing you can preview how the plane looks like and rotate it to any angle, but the last step of the application offers users full control over the 3D rotation process. You can view the plane from different sides, enable the auto rotation mode, and move the plane in the working environment by using the built-in buttons.

Additional settings allow users to pick the flying speed of the airplane, and enable the program to display the numbers of frames per second. It is important to mention that hotkeys are also available, but they cannot be reassigned.

The app offers very good image quality, and no errors appeared throughout the entire process. On the downside, you cannot save the drawings to a file or print them.

All in all, Model Air Design is a handy tool that bundles a decent pack of features for helping you design 3D plane models. Thanks to its overall simplicity, this program may become ideal for less experienced users.
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Last updated on January 2nd, 2015

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