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Using this lightweight, straight forward application molecular visualization becomes as easy as it gets, and can even help you learn a thing or two about chemistry

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It is difficult to imagine a person who has not, at least, heard of a computer. When it comes to education it can prove to be a powerful tool. With the help of educational software, such as Molekel, teaching and learning can not only become more fun, but also more efficient.

This application was designed to make chemistry understandable by more people. It is a molecule visualization utility that can be a suitable assistant for a teacher.

Straight-forward design

In terms of visual aspects it is as classic as it can get. This might be a plus, considering the fact that chemistry is hard enough as it is, the application makes it easier for you to get around. In features a generous view space of the molecule, which can be further widened by closing the molecule, and info panels on the left.

A toolbar in the upper part provides all the options you need, so that you spend more time learning than preparing to do so.

Animated view, and a bit of customization

Some chemical structures you can load in the application can also be animated. This view can be offered in several styles, like “ball and stick”, or “wireframe”, for easier perception.

Bonds between atoms can be added or removed at any time, if you want to exemplify specific situations. Also the distance between the atoms can be measured using an integrated option. You can rotate, zoom in and out on the structure, to make everything as clear as possible for when you have to work with complicated formulas.

To end with

Molekel is lightweight, handy application when it comes to education. With its straight-forward design, and easy way to view even the most complicated chemical structures, it becomes a reliable partner if you want to know more what is happening on the molecular level.

Molekel was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 2nd, 2014
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