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Generate advanced hierarchical clusters and dendrograms from TXT files, with the help of this efficient and straightforward software application

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MultiDendrograms is a user-friendly and practical program whose main purpose resides in helping you create diagrams of hierarchical clusters from pre-existing TXT files, allowing you to customize various aspects of the entire process.

Simple and novice-accessible user interface

Appearance and usage wise, the application is unlikely to surprise you in any way, its looks posing little to no difficulty, even to the less experienced individuals.

The main window of MultiDendrograms features a configuration panel on the left side while, on the right, you can preview the results, prior to saving them to your computer.

Swiftly turn textual data into hierarchical cluster dendrograms

To start off, you need to load a TXT file into the utility, storing all the hierarchical data that you wish to turn into a dendrogram. Should you be at a loss on how to input the information, you can take a look at the sample files that MultiDendrograms comes with and use them for inspiration.

Once the document is added, the tool will automatically generate the corresponding diagram, but you can still modify certain parameters, on the go, and then click ‘Update’ to view their effects. As such, you can opt for ‘Distance’ or ‘Similarity’ types of measures, or you can select a different ‘Clustering Algorithm’.

Moreover, MultiDendrograms lets you customize the tree orientation and color, the nodes’ size and whether to display labels or not. At the same time, the program lets you adjust ‘Axis’ preferences, including color, values, font, and color.

Once complete, the result can be saved to a TXT file, as a Newick tree or to an image format (JPG, PNG or EPS), enabling you to integrate it into other projects or presentations, sparing you from having to manually transform the data into a hierarchical cluster diagram.

A straightforward dendrogram creator

In short, MultiDendrograms is a useful and effective piece of software which you can rely on for generating cluster diagrams from textual data, allowing you to customize, preview and save the results to your PC, in just a couple of keystrokes.

MultiDendrograms was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 26th, 2015
MultiDendrograms - The main window of MultiDendrograms allows you to load your data file and generate the corresponding diagramMultiDendrograms - From the dedicated menu, you can opt for one of several different clustering algorithms

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