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A small but effective utility that will enable you to easily design, test and print your own logic circuits with minimal efforts

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Creating logic circuits and assessing their functioning are certainly not your everyday activities and lots of knowledge in this area is required, not to mention the highly specialized tools and the expertise in using them which is also mandatory.

Insofar as the software side is concerned, if you are studying Electronics or are just a hobbyist in this respect, you can try your hand at creating such circuits with Multimedia Logic. This application covers both building and testing aspects of the matter and is not too hard to operate.

The friendly layout and palette of tools at your disposal will help you draw the logic circuits and verify their performance. The great thing about this utility is that it comes with some ready-made examples to showcase the capabilities of the program.

Grouped into 3 categories, namely Basic, Moderate and Advanced, these samples are fully functional and you can load them then run the simulation to see for yourself. All the elements that can be added to the design are neatly organized in the 'Palette' window.

To include a specific component into your logic circuit, you have to click on its icon and then click again inside the workspace, where you want it to be placed. Keyboard shortcuts are also supported, so it should be fairly easy to get along with all the editing features of Multimedia Logic.

When it comes to making various connections, you have the possibility to create nodes, draw wires and more. The number of input and output devices supported by this application is quite adequate and in no time you will realize that the circuit is ready and waiting to be tested.

On the whole, Multimedia Logic proves that it can really help anyone who needs to build a logic circuit and put it through the paces to find out if it is viable for production use.

Multimedia Logic was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on March 9th, 2014
Multimedia Logic - The main window of Multimedia Logic enables you to start designing your circuit.Multimedia Logic - Using the Draw menu, you can insert new elements to your circuit, from simple wires to signal senders.Multimedia Logic - You can simulate the logic circuit and configure the simulation options from the designated menu of Multimedia Logic.Multimedia LogicMultimedia Logic

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