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Straightforward program that provides you access to the most popular ampacity tables (in the U.S. and Canada), and lets you calculate if you should make adjustments to your system

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NEC Ampacity Calculator is a small-sized software utility that enables users to access the most frequently used ampacity tables found in the American and Canadian electrical codes, input data and figure out if they should make any adjustments.

Expert-oriented layout

The installation lasts a few seconds, while the interface you come across can only be descried as minimal, seeing it only comprises a few buttons. There are no Help contents included, and the information enclosed in this product is quite specialized, which means that novice users might find it a bit difficult to find their way around it.

Options at your disposal

This program enables you to control a various number of parameters, so that you can figure out if you need to apply corrections to your system. To be more precise, you can easily choose the type of insulation (60, 75 or 90 degrees Celsius) you have, the alloy from which the wires are made of, AWG wire size and amperage, for a 30 degree ambient temperature.

It is also possible to adjust the ambient temperature and number of wires. After you are done inputting all the information required you can easily view the corrections you have to apply (if any), in a dedicated box.

Evaluation and conclusion

It does not put a strain on the computer’s performance as it does not use high amounts of CPU and memory, while the response time is quite good.

All things considered, it is safe to say NEC Ampacity Calculator is an efficient piece of software, which is mostly dedicated to users that have an idea about electrical systems. We did not come across any errors or hangs in our tests.

NEC Ampacity Calculator was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on October 6th, 2014
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