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An application that can use neural networks to process and analyze data across large computer clusters, in order to create accurate prediction models

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Although technology is still pretty far away from creating artificial intelligence, neural networks have been around for a few decades and they are continuously improved by programmers worldwide. Hence, they are now powerful enough to be used in a wide variety of domains and applications, in order to analyze large quantities of data and offer accurate predictions.

A highly scalable processing network

NeuroSolutions Infinity is a software utility that provides you with the opportunity to conduct your own experiments and data analysis on the desired data package, by allowing you to make use of a powerful neural network algorithm. In addition, the network scalability enables you to distribute the data mining process on large computer clusters, in order to tackle more difficult problems.

Regardless of the domain you are interested in, the application is able to work with almost any type of data, as long as it can be effectively used to obtain predictions and it is specific enough to make the results valid. Thus, the information can be stored into anything from plain CSV documents, to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and even SQL databases.

Find the most accurate models

After the data is imported into the utility, you can start the experiment and let the application feed the information to the neural network, which continuously tries to find potential models you can use to obtain the desired predictions. These models are displayed in a list, ordered by their overall experiment score and you can promote them as project solutions for further analysis.

In addition, you can also visualize the models alongside a confusion matrix and a table containing the inputs and outputs received during the analysis. If you are happy with the results, the data can be easily exported to an Excel spreadsheet, together with the experiment overview, preprocessed data and the input/output information.

A fast and thorough data mining utility

Depending on your area of expertise, NeuroSolutions Infinity can be an efficient solution to your data analysis requirements, as well as an accurate prediction tool you can use to obtain viable solution models. In addition, the application can be easily set up and put to use even if you are not an expert in neural networks, thanks to the easy-to-use interface and intuitive controls.

NeuroSolutions Infinity was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on February 23rd, 2015
NeuroSolutions Infinity - You can view the status of the experiment that is currently being processed into the main window of the application.NeuroSolutions Infinity - The Potential Models tab displays information such as average correlation and the total score for the current experiment.NeuroSolutions Infinity - You can view the potential inputs, as well as their name, root variation and the number of completed models.NeuroSolutions InfinityNeuroSolutions InfinityNeuroSolutions InfinityNeuroSolutions Infinity

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