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A high-level programming language, primarily intended for numerical computations and the development of bioinformatics and mechanics applications

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One of the most useful functions of a computer, that which represents the backbone of every modern device is programming. There are various applications that let you express your ideas and virtually bring them to life. Octave is a programming language oriented towards numerical computations, with emphasis on developing software for bioinformatics, mechanics and instrument control.

Suitable environment for math enthusiasts

Available as individual packages for both Visual Studio and MinGW, Octave’s primary purpose is bent on providing a high-level language that sports high compatibility with Matlab.

Numerical experiments, support for linear and nonlinear equations, polynomial manipulation, as well as other common algebra problems are all within Octave’s range of possibilities.

Easy deployment on your system

Octave provides a command line approach for the applications being built inside it, although the development of non-interactive problems is supported as well.

The program is presented inside a large-sized package, no matter if you opt for the VS or MinGW approach, with the former being packed inside an installer and the latter, slightly larger, inside an archive.

Decent library of content

Regardless of your choice, Octave sports flexibility, allowing you to use the collection of libraries bundled inside it to develop math related projects, as well as to extend it through user-defined functions that can be written inside Octave itself or by loading modules developed in other programming languages.

Aside from delivering a library set that allows for the programming of numerical systems, Octave also bundles support for extensive graphics, which include data manipulation and visualization.

A few last words

On an ending note, Octave has proven throughout its years of existence that it’s a reliable programming language, capable of sustaining developers in their endeavor to create math and physics applications without paying a dime.

Octave was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on May 30th, 2015
Octave - The main window of Octave allows you to browse through local files and open the ones you wish to work withOctave - The context menu options allow you to open a file in the default application, rename or delete itOctave - From the File menu, you can create a new script, function or figure, as well as load a workspaceOctave - screenshot #4Octave - screenshot #5Octave - screenshot #6Octave - screenshot #7Octave - screenshot #8Octave - screenshot #9Octave - screenshot #10Octave - screenshot #11Octave - screenshot #12Octave - screenshot #13Octave - screenshot #14Octave - screenshot #15

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