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A lightweight and reliable application that will help users easily insert TTF words and symbols into a text, then convert it to DXF format

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Sometimes your document needs special characters, but your keyboard or text editor does not support them. This can be frustrating, because you need to search for the keyboard input code of a symbol.

OutlineArt gives you a helping hand by allowing you to insert various symbols and special characters into your text.

The application allows you to convert TTF words and symbols to DXF format and can be used as a AutoCAD tool. It allows you to change word attributes and various text styles. OutlineArt can save your text temporary as TXT format. which ensures you that your work is saved.

Reliable text editor

OutlineArt features a powerful text editing options. You can set the text style and and font height any time.

Furthermore, you can change the precision and font width factor throughout your text, making your documents as personalized as possible.

Extensive symbol database

OutlineArt has a large database of symbols and special characters that can be used to customize the text. You can insert symbols from character sets, such as Doremi, Jive and Marlett.

Additionally, all symbols can be saved to vector-contour, so that the output file can be used as a polyline entity in AutoCAD. You have the option to set up the smoothness of the vector-contoured.

Powerful text editor and converter

OutlineArt is a reliable program that helps you easily add symbols and special characters to your text, then export it to DXF format.

This application can also be used as a tool for AutoCAD and create vector contoured files and documents.

OutlineArt was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on March 8th, 2014
OutlineArt - The application allows you to insert various symbols and annotations to your TXT files.OutlineArt - You can add multiple annotations from various sets of symbols and special characters, such as Doremi, Jive and Marlett.

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