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A reliable and useful utility that helps you to perform multiple phylogenetic analysis of DNA and other simulations using dynamic homology





POY is a simple and useful phylogenetic analysis program that supports multiple kinds of data such as nucleotides, genes and chromosomes.

POY is particular in that it can perform true alignment and phylogeny inference (i.e. input sequences need not to be prealigned). Insertions, deletions, and rearrangements, can then be included in the overall tree score (under Maximum Parsimony), or in the model (under Maximum Likelihood). A variety of heuristic algorithms have been developed for this purpose and are implemented in POY.
Last updated on August 23rd, 2013
POY - The main window of POY lets you select the file you want to be processed and change the number of processorsPOY - From the Analyses menu you have the possibility to run the interactive consolePOY - After selecting the file you want and changing the number of processor according to your needs, you can preview the interactive

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