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A comprehensive application that enables you to design oligos and create specific capture probes for direct hybridization assays

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PrimerPlex is a complex and comprehensive software that enables you to analyze and design multiplex oligos platforms for ASPE and direct hybridization assays. It allows you to screen each probe for cross homologies and ensure a high signal strength. You may also screen oligos for dimers, runs and repeats.

User-friendly interface

The software enables you to view the sequences in separate tabs, arranged into sequence information, search status and multiplex assay types. In the Sequence information tab, you may analyze each entry for sequence length, temperature, dimer or cross dimer, while in the Search Status display, you may observe multiple properties.

Thus, you can select one or more entries from the sequence database and compare their primer properties, capture probe attributes, BLAST information or mutations, as well as view the nucleobases sequences. In the Multiplexed Assays tab, you may view the rating and status of each capture probe and the results of multiplex designs.

Screening and analysis functions

PrimerPlex specializes in designing multiplex primer sets, which involves combining multiple primers in a single assay, in order to observe the interaction of the oligos. Multiplex assays can facilitate the amplification of the oligos in a single reaction vessel, thus allowing you to conduct your research in a speedy manner and reduce costs.

You may easily design multiplex PCR primers, the composition for hybridization assays or ASPE assays, in order to observe the natural dynamic of nucleotides. The software uses complex design algorithms, based on combinations, permutations and natural patterns, in order to render the effect of specific combinations. The purpose of joining and analyzing different primers is to obtain the target genotype, or otherwise to observe the genome mutations that derive from the input substances.

The software can design standard primers for a 30-plex multiplex PCR assay and screen optimal primer sets under uniform reaction contexts for up to 30 targets.


PrimerPlex is a valuable digital assistant in genome mutation research and enables you to design the structure of multiplex primer assays, hybridization and ASPE assays, each specific to a type of analysis. The software enables you to create nucleobase sequences combinations and observe the effect of the natural interaction between the elements.

PrimerPlex was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 3rd, 2014
PrimerPlex - PrimerPlex is a comprehensive digital assistant for genomics researchers, that offers several tools for DNA analysis.PrimerPlex - You can use the software in order to analyze DNA structures in genomes from multiple organisms and observe mutations.PrimerPlex - The software enables you to open sequence files, or import DNA samples from Entrez and dbSNP, then save your work as a project.PrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlexPrimerPlex

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