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A molecular visualization system

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PyMOL is a lightweight application designed to provide you with a comprehensive molecular visualizing system. Using its integrated ray tracing graphic technique, it can render 3D molecular structures with smoother surface boundary, enhanced shadow and reflection effects.

The main interface is intuitive and clean, which makes is suitable even for beginners. PyMOL provides support for multiple image formats, including PDB, SDF and electron density maps. The rendered images and movies can be saved in session files, which you can share with others, without worrying that the object layout might be changed.

The application comes with all the necessary tools for creating molecular animations and movies. The camera can be rotated to change the perspective, while the built-in animation tool, called RigiMOL, includes a set of features for generating molecular morphs between different structures.

Customizable frame rate, auto-interpolation, loop and ray-tracing framing, image frame caching, slow motion simulations are other advantages that this application comes with.

The generated PyMOL structures can be exported to VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language), which enables you to create vector graphics using third party applications or print the model with a 3D printer.

PyMOL can display the molecular data using various image representation methods. You can choose from sequence mode, stereo mode, orthoscopic view, lines that emphasize on bond connectivity and more.

The program features customizable colors, structure labels, adjustable object transparency, output and control size, auto-zooming, text overlaying and customizable mouse controls. The built-in wizards assist you in measuring structures, perform pair fitting, adding labels and more.

With its advanced rendering capabilities and movie generation tools, PyMOL is a must-have tool for displaying complex molecular structures and generating live 3D presentations.

PyMOL was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on June 12th, 2013
PyMOL - PyMOL will provide users with a very complex molecular visualization systemPyMOL - The Build menu will allow users to create fragments, residue or sculpting elementsPyMOL - Users will be able to set the frame rate of the output video file and other options within the Movie menuPyMOL - screenshot #4PyMOL - screenshot #5PyMOL - screenshot #6PyMOL - screenshot #7PyMOL - screenshot #8PyMOL - screenshot #9PyMOL - screenshot #10

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