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A dependable application that helps you analyze live or archived time-synchronized information, either locally or via a remote server

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In order to analyze time-synchronized data, you need a reliable application that can read all the information it receives, while providing you with a detailed analysis of the data it received. One such tool is RDV - Real-time Data Viewer, which allows you to scan live or archived time-synchronized data(TSD) in order to analyze it.

The program requires Java and Data Turbine installed on your computer in order to properly function.

Handy and reliable TSD analyzer with user-friendly interface

RDV - Real-time Data Viewer gives you the possibility to view or analyze time-synchronized data, either stored on your computer or streamed across a Data Turbine server.

By doing so, you are able to collect information about archived or live TSD directly. By simply connecting to a Data Turbine(RBNB) network, you can stream time-synchronized data and view its frequency analysis, along with other characteristics.

Intuitive and robust stream analysis tool that allows you to collect data from a network

With the help of RDV - Real-time Data Viewer, you can visualize scientific and engineering data with ease, as the program relies on a dynamic data server in order to scan and collect information from local or remote sources, after which it displays any analyzed numeric, video, image, and audio information.

Furthermore, the application allows you to adjust the playback rate of any collected data, making it play slower or faster than the real one, thus aiding you in analysis.

A dependable and powerful time-synchronized data analysis utility

To conclude, RDV - Real-time Data Viewer helps you collect, visualize and analyze time-synchronized data from various sources.

This makes the program very flexible, as it can equally analyze data stored locally or streamed from a Data Turbine dedicated server, whilst being able to provide you with detailed and advanced TSD analysis.

RDV - Real-time Data Viewer was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 27th, 2014
RDV - Real-time Data Viewer - RDV - Real-time Data Viewer helps you analyze time-synchronized data either locally or streamed across a network.RDV - Real-time Data Viewer - From the file menu, you can connect to a remote server, add new channels, import or export data.RDV - Real-time Data Viewer - While in the Control menu, you can update the channel list or disable any of the local ones used.RDV - Real-time Data ViewerRDV - Real-time Data ViewerRDV - Real-time Data Viewer

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