RTLIB: arithmetic operators

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A Java-based interactive graphical representation of a circuit containing switches, connectors and other register-transfer-level components




RTLIB: arithmetic operators is a simple Java applet that provides you with a simulator for register-transfer-level components, such as interactive switches (IpinVector), output connectors and incrementers.

The value of the IpinVector can be increased or decreased and the number formatting (decimal, hex, binary) can be toggled by clicking on the switch. Users can change the circuit by creating new components and modifying the functioning parameters of existing ones.
Last updated on August 1st, 2013
RTLIB: arithmetic operators - You can view the circuit, move components and run the simulation from the main window of RTLIB: arithmetic operators.RTLIB: arithmetic operators - The right-click context menu enables you to move points, delete segments and add a new probe.

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