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Calculate the value of a standard resistor with this tool in a simple manner that can save you precious time by not wasting it looking in large charts

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Electronic color coding is a very simple solution for indicating values and ratings for various electronic components. It’s also a cost efficient way of telling the characteristics of those components.

This coding manner is mostly used for resistors and can clearly ease your job if you have an outstanding memory or a chart that offers you all the results for all the color combinations.

If none of those apply, then you can use Resistor Color Code Calculator. It’s a lightweight tool that enables you to obtain the values of a standard resistor in a few seconds. The application displays a comprehensive interface that makes it a cinch to obtain the results you need.

It offers you four bands for which you can choose the available and possible colors. You simply select each one from a drop-down list and when you’re done choosing, you simply click “Calculate” and the application displays the results in the main window. Not only does it offer a graphical representation of the resistor with the color arrangement, but it also shows you a text that describes your component and the result.

Resistor Color Code Calculator also informs you about the interval in which the resistance value for that component is acceptable.

This color coding display, along with the text explanation makes Resistor Color Code Calculator a very helpful tool for you if you are color blind. This way, you can compare what you see in real life with the representation in the application so you don’t make any mistakes.

Resistor Color Code Calculator also comes with a secondary tool that definitely has its use. The application provides you with a Ohms law calculator that you can use to obtain resistance, amperage and voltage values.

In closing, Resistor Color Code Calculator si by all means a handy and reliable tool that can save you valuable time when you need to obtain the value of a resistor.

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Last updated on December 2nd, 2013

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