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Easily create an offset table for your naval architecture project.





RhinOffsets is a plugin for the Rhinoceros application that allows you to quickly handle one of the more tedious tasks in naval architecture. The goals of this tool is to help you with the creation of a table of offsets.

Ussualy it takes hours of measuring distances, recording them and then typing them into a cell of a table. Efforts have been made to use spreadsheets, with limited success. Even with spreadsheets, the chances for transcription errors exist.

With this add-in you only need to spend 10 minutes or so with creating the necessary curves with data attached. With a few clicks you can create a table of offsets in DXF format that can be read into your Rhinoceros model or AutoCAD (or other CAD) drawing .
Last updated on April 15th, 2012
RhinOffsets - The add-in can be accessed from the menu created in the Rhinoceros application.RhinOffsets - You can create new points, waterlines and edges using the RhinOffsets menu.RhinOffsets - The add-in can also generate an offset table that can be configures in this window.

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