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SASfit is a simple, handy, very easy-to-use application specially designed to offer you a program for fitting structural models to small angle scattering data.

SASfit can be used to calculate integral structural parameters like radius of gyration, scattering invariant, or Porod constant.

Furthermore, the program can fit size distributions together with several form factors including different structure factors.

Additionally, an algorithm has been implemented, which allows to simultaneously fit several scattering curves with a common set of (global) parameters. This last option is especially important in contrast variation experiments or measurements with polarised neutrons.

The global fit helps to determine fit parameters unambiguously which by analyzing a single curve would be otherwise strongly correlated.
Last updated on December 25th, 2014
SASfit - The main window of SASfit enables you to quickly load the data you want to analyze.SASfit - You can easily copy your results to the clipboard or export your data from the context menu.SASfit - SASfit is a software that allows you to load multiple data sets for global fitting.SASfitSASfitSASfitSASfitSASfitSASfitSASfitSASfitSASfitSASfitSASfitSASfitSASfit

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