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A simple to use software solution that comes in handy when you want to build, view all kinds of molecules and study them in a simple manner

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SMole is a tool developed for chemists or chemistry fans that want to build both simple and complex molecules from scratch or view other projects.

Open multiple file types that contain molecule structures

The application offers support for a large number of file formats that are used when working with molecules. You can open and explore files such as Protein Data Bank (*.pdb), MDL Mole (*.mol), XYZ cartesian coordinates(*.xyz), Sybyl Mol2 (*.mol2) and SMole Session (.smo).

Freely explore the structure in 3D

SMole allows you to rotate the perspective on the molecule so you can view it from every possible angle. You can very well zoom in and out in case the structure is complex in order to see a certain detail and you can also pan on both axes.

A large molecule database at your disposal

SMole provides all the tools you need to create molecules from the ground up, either by sketching them or adding predefined structures. It comes with functional molecules from categories such as alcohols, amides, benzimidazoles, ketones, oxazoles, Purines and many more.

To add a molecule or atom, you locate it in the database, select it, and then click in the workspace. A really good thing about SMole is the fact that for each piece you add, it offers you hints which make it easy for you to see which atoms can be linked.

Solid and Mesh display modes

Besides being able to choose between atom and bond styles such as line, stick, ball and Van der Waals, SMole also makes it possible to apply mesh and solid texture over the molecules you create.

You are free to adjust their resolution, transparency and even set a custom color for them. It goes without saying that in doing so, you get some great looking structures and considering that you can export the design in an image format, it’s very easy to add them to your projects.

To sum things up

SMole is by all means a very practical and well designed application for anyone who wants to take the time to create any kind of molecule structure.

SMole was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 20th, 2014
SMole - The application displays a user-friendly interface and allows you to build and edit molecules.SMole - Accessing the Builder window, you are able to edit the element by adding atoms and changing properties.SMole - You can choose between atom and bond representation types such as line, stick, ball and solvent from the View menu.SMole - screenshot #4SMole - screenshot #5SMole - screenshot #6SMole - screenshot #7SMole - screenshot #8

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