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A complex and powerful CAD application that allows you to create elaborate models or generate the base objects composing various tools

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SURFCAM is a powerful piece of CAD software that provides intuitive and efficient tools needed to help you create detailed 3D projects and transform them into precisely engineered components.

The application consists of multiple tools brought together to ensure that even the most minute aspect of milling is taken into consideration. For this, SURFCAM provides support for 2, 3 and 4/5 axes, meaning that it allows you to create toolpaths for even the most complex designs.

Aesthetic and intuitive GUI

Right off the bat, SURFCAM is a CAD application that looks good and this is a great encouragement for anyone that is just starting in this field or with this kind of software.

The graphic user interface is well put together, granting you quick access to all the frequently used features and tools from toolbars, as well as from context menus that are specific for a particular selection. Tools are easy to spot in the main window or are placed into purpose orientated categories.

Powerful tools

SURFCAM provides everything you need to create 3D objects using both simple and advanced tools. You get to use point, line, arc, circle, fillet, chamfer, spline and vector tools which you can combine with surfaces in order to create the pieces you need.

In respect to a true CAD software, SURFCAM integrates a series of detailed and advanced features for each of its tools, granting you even more freedom to create and experiment.

Multiple toolpaths

SURFCAM comes with a number of toolpath types that you can use with just about any machine out today. It supplies hole processing and pilot hole drilling, 2, 3 and 4/5 axes milling, multiple lathe types and wire EDM operations.

Moreover, to further increase the performance and quality of the design, the application offers you a set of Arc, HSM, NURB and ZRange filters that you can use to analyze toolpaths and optimize them.

CAD CAM software

Though the above mentioned only scratches the surface of what SURFCAM can do, it’s sufficient in order to be able to consider it a viable and practical solution for creating NC designs.

SURFCAM was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 27th, 2014
SURFCAM - The application allows users to create various objects and instrument models.SURFCAM - You can change the view of your model or rotate the image as you require, for faster data manipulation.SURFCAM - By accessing the Create menu, you can create vectors, circles, splines and other base models.SURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAMSURFCAM

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