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An intuitive and user-friendly application for Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization that can produce professional graphs of user-defined data

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SciDAVis stands for Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization and is a cross-platform, open-source project that can process and plot data entered by hand. Alternatively, it can perform calculations using formulas specified by the user.

The application sets itself apart from the competition through the user-oriented approach and the intuitive environment it provides to the audience. It can be used by beginners and advanced users alike, on account of its short learning curve and its accessibility.

SciDAVis requires Python for its scripting engine, so there’s the first dependency you need to ensure for a proper runtime. Aside from this, all you need is a little time and the will to experiment with it.

The program benefits from a well-built and intuitive interface, which dedicated most of its space to the data to be plotted and the actual graphs, with complementary functionality compressed inside a set of menus located in the upper part of the GUI.

SciDAVis is able to generate both 2D and 3D graphs, including line, pie, bar, surface, scatter and ribbon, to name the most important ones. Data can be entered using tables or formulas and can be analyzed using various algorithms, such as Fourier, correlations and convolutions.

The Plot wizard provides a simpler way to generate graphs, while the Project Explorer delivers an overview of all the resources comprised inside the current view. There’s also the possibility to export graphs to various formats, BMP, EPS, PDF, PNG, PS and SVG included.

The impression that SciDAVis creates is that of a professional plotter that not only produces a wide variety of graph types, but also arranges for the whole operation to be carried out in a user-friendly manner.

SciDAVis was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 20th, 2014
SciDAVis - From the main window of SciDAVis you are able to enter data and plot complex graphs.SciDAVis - Accessing the View menu, you can run the Plot Wizard, open the project explorer and view the results log.SciDAVis - You can also choose the scripting language and restart it by opening the Scripting drop-down menu.SciDAVis - screenshot #4SciDAVis - screenshot #5SciDAVis - screenshot #6SciDAVis - screenshot #7SciDAVis - screenshot #8SciDAVis - screenshot #9SciDAVis - screenshot #10SciDAVis - screenshot #11

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