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ShipGen is a program intended for designers that want to generate the entire surface of a ship's hull by defining parameters such as dimensions, geometry and hydrostatic characteristics. 

The program incorporates a small naval architecture calculations integrated module and has a dynamic connection with the Excel spreadsheet to which transmits in every modification of the lines the hydrostatic data of the new vessel.

This feature allows the designer to write in Excel the code of his own models of project optimisation and feed them dynamically using the data received from ShipGen, thus closing up the iterative designing process.

ShipGen makes very agile the accomplishment of tenders. It can obtain in minutes a hullform of the required dimensions and hydrostatics characteristics.
Last updated on April 11th, 2012
ShipGen - The main window of the application allows you to load a hull model and to to check the design.ShipGen - The File menu allows you to load a template and to configure the application's parameters.ShipGen - You can change the view of the current project and undo a previous action from this menu.ShipGen - screenshot #4ShipGen - screenshot #5ShipGen - screenshot #6ShipGen - screenshot #7

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