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A complex and powerful application that seamlessly provides you with a 2D and 3D parametric, historic and constructive CAD modeler

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SolidFace Professional is a reliable and complex 2D/3D parametric, historic and constructive Computer Aided Design(CAD) modeler that can help you generate 3D models, assemblies, assemblies explosion, 2D designs, movement simulations and collision tests.

Intuitive CAD modeler for mechanical and technical parts

The application allows you to create 2D and 3D models for various mechanical and technical parts or plans, thus helping you see how several pieces bind into a single working part. For example, you can assemble the design of your engine model, by building all its still and moving parts, then combining each of them.

Furthermore, the program provides you with strong parametrization features thus enabling total control and creation of any type of parametric geometry. By working with modules such as Drawing, Part and Assembly, the tool helps you individually build and manage each part or plan of your project.

Complex CAD tool that can generate exploded views

SolidFace Professional offers you several features for creating exploded views of a certain project, which usually represents a diagram, picture or technical drawing of an object, that shows the relationship or order of assembly of various parts. This way, you are able to visualize parts or subassemblies with defined displacements.

In addition, you can simulate movement for certain parts. This is a highly useful feature, because it can help you detect the collision of certain objects. In this manner, you can adjust or redesign your plans so that each part binds harmoniously into a single object.

An overall potent 2D and 3D CAD modeling utility

To sum it up, SolidFace Professional is ideal for building and generating plans and designs for certain mechanical and technical plans. Providing you with powerful features for creating and testing various immobile or moving parts, the application shows its true value when used by specialized technicians and mechanical designers.

SolidFace Professional was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 19th, 2014
SolidFace Professional - SolidFace Professional allows you to create elaborate 2D or 3D designs of various mechanical and technical plans or parts.SolidFace Professional - By accessing the File menu, you can create new components and parts, or export your projects as BMP or JPG images.SolidFace Professional - While in the Mate menu, you can view any of the coincident, angular, tangent and concentric mates created.SolidFace Professional - screenshot #4SolidFace Professional - screenshot #5SolidFace Professional - screenshot #6SolidFace Professional - screenshot #7SolidFace Professional - screenshot #8SolidFace Professional - screenshot #9SolidFace Professional - screenshot #10SolidFace Professional - screenshot #11SolidFace Professional - screenshot #12

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