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Multiformat spectra viewer & processor for UV-VIS, IR, Raman, fluorescence

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Spekwin32 is a technical utility created to help users analyze the display of spectra from different sources. The application works with UV/VIS, fluorescence, NIR, IR and Raman spectra.

Swift installation, straightforward looks

Getting it on the system does not require too much effort as the entire process completes quickly and without any unwanted events. Should there be problems installing the product try to repeat the procedure with administrative privileges.

The interface is straightforward and displays the intensity and wavelength axes awaiting for an input file to provide the necessary data.

In order to make working with the product a more comfortable experience the developer included some sample files that can be used when taking the product for a spin.

Technical analysis of the data

Immediately after selecting the spectra file the application prompts for choosing the axis types that should be used. In the case of the X axis the possibilities include different wavelength measurements, wavenumbers, Raman shift and electron volts. The Y axis can show values for transmittance, reflectance, absorbance, intensity and epsilon.

In the case of fluorescence spectroscopy Spekwin32 offers the possibility to calculate the degree of polarization, centre of gravity and fluorescence quantum yield but it is not limited to these alone.


The application is designed for a technical followship that seeks to view and process UV-Vis, IR, FT-IR, NIR, Raman and fluorescence spectra. For those familiar with its field of activity the application proves to be flexible, versatile and, most importantly, accurate.

It offers the possibility to make various corrections as well as to export the results to different formats, PNG, TIF and BMP images included.

Spekwin32 was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 29th, 2014
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