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Steam table calculator built as an Excel add-in






Steam table calculator Excel add-in based on IAPWS-97 standard which calculates 23 different properties such as: Temperature, Pressure, Enthalpy, Entropy, Quality, Density, Internal Energy, Isobaric Heat Capacity, Isochoric Heat Capacity, Specific volume, Speed of Sound, Thermal Conductivity, Viscosity, Surface Tension, Helmholtz Free Energy, Gibbs Free Energy, Compressibility Factor, Isothermal Compressibility, Joule-Thompson Coefficient, Isothermal Joule-Thompson, Thermal Expansion Coefficient, Prandtl Number, Static Dielectric Constant.

Users will have the possibility to choose the type of units they prefer, either English or SI. The functions are exposed as user defined functions and can be used as Excel formulas.
Last updated on March 12th, 2011
Steam Calculator - This is the way Steam Calculator will be displayed within your Excel applicationSteam Calculator - This is the main window of Steam Calculator where you will be able to choose the type of units you preferSteam Calculator - You can access this tab when you want to calculate the saturated steam propertiesSteam Calculator - screenshot #4Steam Calculator - screenshot #5Steam Calculator - screenshot #6Steam Calculator - screenshot #7Steam Calculator - screenshot #8

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