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Powerful application which enables you to view the sunrise and sunset hour for most big cities in the world, as well as the climate and eclipse times

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Sun Times is a useful piece of software which was developed specifically so as to help you view the sunrise, sunset and eclipse times from all over the Globe.

Accessible environment

The installation process is uneventful and once you wrap it up, you come to meet a pretty cluttered interface, as it consists of a menu bar, multiple drop-down menus, panes packed with information and an interactive map of Earth. Nonetheless, you should know both power and novice users can work with it, without encountering difficulties.

View climate, geography and times information

This software utility enables you to view all kinds of information pertaining to a selected city from the world. To be more precise, you can view the current hour, the GMT, date, sunrise, sunset times, latitude, longitude and elevation. Aside from that, the program can display the dawn, dusk, Islamic prayer and Hindu meditation time.

General information about all countries in the world, such as continent, population, area (km2) and density, can be accessed, as well as climate stats and graphs, minimum and maximum temperatures (this month), precipitation, wind speed and diurnal temp range. It is also possible to display pictures for the selected city, add a location and change the view of the map.

The CPU and memory usage is minimal, which means this app will not burden your computer’s performance, and you can run it alongside others without experiencing issues.


To sum up, Sun Times proves to be a useful piece of software which comes bundled with a large number of options and comprehensive Help contents. It has a good response time and an intuitive environment.

Sun Times was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on February 24th, 2014
Sun Times - This is the main window of Sun Times from where you can access all the fcuntions of the application.Sun Times - This menu of Sun Times will allow you to view the sunset and sunrise locations and times as well as the dawn and dusk times.Sun Times - From the geography menu of Sun Times you can access the location catalogue, view countries or regions.Sun Times - Sun Times will also enable you to view detailed information about the climate average and stats here.Sun Times - Sun Times comes with a special astronomical feature that can be accessed via this menu.Sun Times - The aviation menu of Sun Times enables you to view the airline timetables and routes as well as plot a flight.Sun Times - In this menu of Sun Times you can choose the map that will be displayed in the main window.Sun Times - The options menu of Sun Times will allow you to configure the time mode, maps, home location and real time settings.Sun Times - The startup options window of Sun Times allows you to customize the application's behavior when it is opened.

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