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An application used to perform complex mathematical calculations, involving almost any type of expression and formulae from every scientific field

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With the help of the right applications, nearly everything can be manufactured and designed with maximum precision. This saves a considerable amount of time when complex expressions need to be solved, with utilities like Super Calculator being a suitable candidate to instantly process nearly any mathematical expression you throw at it.

Helpful info and examples of functions

Once deployed and launched, you might want to check the application's integrated and rich help manual, because the variety and complexity of functions you need to write in order to obtain a result. Luckily, you can quickly access functions which are categorized in the upper toolbar, with entries such as statistics, bits, string, complex, logical, operators, series, production or a list with all of them.

As a matter of fact, the application supports such a large amount of functions that most elements in the toolbar bring up the help manual. Every other adjustments can easily be made through dedicated tickers, drop-down menus and value fields.

Simple, yet intuitive design

The overall structure gets you quickly accommodated, with the main window being split into two sections, one for input and one to display feedback. You only need the keyboard for input, with all functions being displayed in different colors for easy identification. What's more, you can customize them, with up to seven different modifiable functions.

Create and save complex expressions

In addition, you can save any operation or expression in a custom library under entries with the names you provide so you can later on import them to form even more advanced calculus. Unfortunately, there's no implemented feature do help you write or to offer suggestions for auto-completion.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Super Calculator can come in handy if your daily routine implies heavy calculus. Although you need to spend some time to get familiarized with the amount of functions at your disposal and variety of options, the result is instantly generated, with the possibility to extract, save and re-use any expression you create.

Super calculator was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on November 22nd, 2014
Super calculator - The main window allows you to add any kind of expression you want to calculate, and modify the result's float precision.Super calculator - The Options menu allows you to change the text colors and set the calculation height.Super calculator - You can view the output keywords and the operators from the General menu of Super calculator.Super calculator - screenshot #4Super calculator - screenshot #5Super calculator - screenshot #6

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