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An application based on mathematical methods and equations, which uses 3D cylinder renditions in order to act as a successful numerical integrator

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In construction industry, accuracy is a key element and even the slightest offset can result in catastrophe. This is where specialized computer applications come in handy by putting a safe, tasting environment at your disposal, along with advanced and accurate calculators. In this regard, TankClac lets you get an idea of length, thickness and other info you need to consider when building a storage tank.

Real time updating model preview

The application's overall design shouldn't pose any accommodation problems, with main features organized in tabs for quick access and identification, while each screen provides sufficient space for analysis and editing.

Most of the time is spent configuring input values which determine the size and shape of the tank itself. A real time updating preview section lets you analyze a 3D object from multiple perspectives, which is a visual representation of your tank.

Gather and save technical data

What's more, you can access a data sheet that provides an abundance of details regarding size, offsets, volume, wall density, as well as sensor-related coordinates. This helps you further adjust values to get a desired result, but measurement units displayed can only be selected for a few entries, resulting in a mix that's difficult to understand and process.

In case you find info useful, the application gives you the possibility to copy either HTML or TSV in order to add in other applications for processing. There's also an implemented model analyzer with several viewing options at hand.

Far from being a pro

Truth be told, the application's practicability is rather questionable, with little calculus done automatically. In other words, messing with size values does not adjust related sides or radius, so you need to know what you're doing.

Sure, you can toggle visibility of certain elements and even the anaglyph function, but with no export options that would have come in handy if you decided to actually build the model. Moreover, the application comes equipped with little precision tools such as a ruler for better analysis.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we come to the conclusion that TankCalc can teach you a thing or two about volume and area through it's rich help content, but other than that it provides little variety and creation options. It's easy to use, but the lack of more calculators and export options considerably reduce its practicability.

TankCalc was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on July 30th, 2015
TankCalc - You can create a 3D model of a cylinder by adding the necessary variables, such as cylinder length, radius, orientation or volumeTankCalc - The Compute tab allows you to view information regarding the properties of your cylinder and height-volume ratiosTankCalc - In the Model tab, you can view your cylinder along an X-Y axis, which can be rotated with the mouse

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