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A handy application that helps you compute and display the graphs that contain the impedance and SWR at both ends of a transmission line

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When it comes to analyzing impedance and reflection coefficient parameters generated at both ends of a transmission line, you need to keep in mind that a program able to calculate precise mathematical formulas is a must.

Transmission Line Details is a reliable software solution that helps you generate advanced graphs and mathematical results based on the analysis of impedance and other reflection coefficient parameters, such as SWR, Rho or RL that usually result at both ends of a transmission line.

Handy and easy to use frequency analysis tool with minimalist interface

The program allows you to compute plots of the matched line loss, the velocity factor or the true characteristic impedance magnitude, that can range from frequencies of 0.1 MHz to 1000 MHz. This way, you are able to experiment with parameter line variations and check how a plot alters its state for various frequencies.

One of the most useful features of the application enables you to compare different line types, in order to see how would a higher or lower frequency affect the characteristics of a transmission line.

Straightforward and seamlessly easy to use transmission line analyzer

With the help of Transmission Line Details, you are able to see changes of the velocity factor at lower or higher frequencies for the same line types, modifications that are usually caused by internal inductance.

For instance, at low frequencies, certain devices have a high internal inductance that can drop to zero when facing high frequencies, thus altering their state.

An intuitive and comprehensive transmission line analysis utility

As a conclusion, Transmission Line Details provides you with a stable and efficient environment for plotting graphs and various functions using the characteristics of transmission lines, such as SWR, Rho, RL, Nominal Zo, Nominal VF and the loss coefficients K0, K1 and K2.

Transmission Line Details was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on December 8th, 2014
Transmission Line Details - Transmission Line Details allows you to compute the impedance and reflection coefficient parameters of a transmission.Transmission Line Details - The Zo Magnitude window contains a graph that displays the magnitude of a signal as frequency increases.Transmission Line Details - By accessing the Velocity Factor window, you can view and compare the true velocity factors measured at various frequencies.Transmission Line Details - screenshot #4Transmission Line Details - screenshot #5

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