UberSmart Math Facts

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A fast and captivating application designed to help adults easily teach children the basic mathematical operations and algorithms





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UberSmart Math Facts is a very user-friendly program created to teach children the basic mathematical calculus.

Did you know that you have to recall 12 different math facts just to multiply 867 x 39? Quick, accurate recollection of math facts is a vital skill for performing math calculations. UberSmart Math Facts helps students MASTER that skill. Have a child that's just starting out?

Math Facts will teach them each skill in small manageable sets, starting with addition of 0s, then 1s, and so on. This approach is effective because as the numbers get higher (and therefore harder) the student has fewer new facts to memorize! Once all the individual number groups are mastered, the student is prepared to take on the entire skill set to complete their mastery of the skill.

Have a child that basically knows their math facts but is a little slow or struggles with recalling some of them? Math Facts can help. It tracks which problems the student pauses to answer or gets wrong. It then allows them to focus their study time on just the facts that give them trouble. The program will not designate a skill mastered until the student's recollection is both quick and accurate for ALL the facts.
Last updated on April 3rd, 2014
UberSmart Math Facts - The application assists users in teaching the basic mathematical operations to children.UberSmart Math Facts - Users can access the Flash Card Options window to create a flash card quiz by selecting a student name and the operation that will be tested.UberSmart Math Facts - By accessing the Test Options window, users can create a timed test for a specific student.UberSmart Math FactsUberSmart Math FactsUberSmart Math Facts

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