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The Virtual Instrument Desktop software allows low cost NetCommander hardware to be used in distributed control and monitoring systems




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The VID (Virtual Instrument Desktop) software allows low cost industry standard Modbus or NetCommander hardware to be used in distributed control and monitoring SCADA systems.

The Software combines a customizable virtual instrument display with a "behind the scenes" event monitoring, logging, alerting and control systems, to provide a full and customizable HMI to your application.

VID is used in data acquisition, SCADA, HMI, process control, plant monitoring, data logging, environmental monitoring, power monitoring, BMS, and virtual instrument systems. 

The virtual instrument panel can comprise a variety of meters, dials, digital displays, graph plotters, thermometers, LED indicators, control knobs, sliders, buttons and switches. These can be "connected" to a Netcommander monitoring point anywhere on the local or World Wide network allowing data sources, temperature, pressure, voltages etc. to be visualised in seconds.

Get VID and take it for a test drive to see what it's all about!
Last updated on March 21st, 2015
VID - This is the main window of VID that allows you to access all the features of the application.VID - All the editing commands you'll need when operating VID are available via this menu of the application.VID - Using this menu of VID you'll be able to view various compoments of the system.VIDVIDVID

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