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A 2D and 3D design software that allows you to model objects and polygons, as well as transform and edit them using the available toolset

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2D and 3D modeling is not the easiest thing to get into, especially if you want to create more complex mechanical objects, or design architectural models. But, with the right piece of software, you can ease your transition and get the hang of it relatively quick and start putting your imagination into practice.

A powerful, but accessible 2D and 3D designer

ViaCAD brings a fresh perspective on 2D and 3D design, by delivering a powerful set of tools bundled into an attractive package, with a very shallow learning curve that does not hinder its ability to handle more complex projects. Hence, whether you are interested in basic 2D plotting for blueprints and schematics, or you are looking to build advanced 3D models composed of a large number of polygons, you can find what you need with ViaCAD.

As with any other modeling software, you start from a blank document, on which you can begin sketching and building your ideas. In order to properly navigate around the viewport, you are provided with the usual camera controls, such as pan, zoom and rotate, all of which can be accessed by using your mouse and an additional key on your keyboard. Thus, you can get a good view of your model from any angle and find the most comfortable view point to work from.

Draw a variety of 3D and 2D objects

Since it is much easier to start from a predefined model and work your way up from there, the application provides you with a comprehensive selection of starting objects and primitives. Hence, from basic lines and curves, all the way to mesh cubes, spheres and architectural objects, you can jump start your design and avoid a lot of manual labor when it comes to the basics of your model.

But, all of these objects need to be transformed in order to obtain the desired model. To do this, the transformation toolset comes into play, which can be used to bring modifications to your mesh. Beside the obvious rotate, scale and duplicate operations you can perform, you are also provided with more advanced options for slightly more complex models, such as extrude, push, pull, slice, trim and edge blend, among many others.

A fully-featured modeling environment

In the end, the multitude of features and options offered by ViaCAD makes it a powerful and complete solution to your 2D and 3D design needs. In addition, all of these are packed into an attractive and user-friendly interface, which allows anyone to start putting their imagination into practice, regardless of any previous experience. To help you get started and achieve proficiency, the application also provides you with a large selection of tutorials and example files, as well as detailed video instructions.

ViaCAD was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 9th, 2014
ViaCAD - You can create various 2D and 3D objects into the main window of the utility, as well as transform them using the available tools.ViaCAD - The right-click menu allows you to control the camera and viewpoint, as well as select or deselect objects.ViaCAD - You can save the current project or publish it on the web by accessing the File menu.ViaCADViaCADViaCADViaCADViaCADViaCADViaCADViaCADViaCADViaCADViaCADViaCADViaCADViaCADViaCADViaCADViaCAD

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