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Allows you to view Gerber files and to convert them to other formats.

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ViewMate is a software solution designed to help you view the CAD data stored within Gerber files. Not only does the app import CAD and CAM aperture lists and display their content, but it also provides powerful editing tools. This application was specifically built to work as a viewer, so you cannot save or export files.

The user interface may seem a bit overwhelming at a first glance because the app comprises a lot of options. However, if you don’t get an idea of how this program functions, you can always check the help menu.

It imports several formats of Gerber data (e.g. Basic Gerber, Gerber Extended and MDA Autoplot) and translates HPGL, drill and aperture data into Gerber on import. You may also insert, delete or edit D Code definitions.

ViewMate allows users to perform several actions, such as enable layer visibility, make pads, traces and selected elements visible, change the selected items in white or in contrasting color, zoom in or out, pan the screen, and display the properties of certain elements. Moreover, it also provides tools for positioning and measuring such as cursor position and coordination, full-screen cursor, screen grid and marked locations.

There are several features that can help users edit the documents, and you are allowed to insert and edit new plot data and to edit the entire layers. You may insert a pad, trace, drawn rectangle, frame-sized rectangular polygon, circle, text, chord and tangent arc, and so many others.

When it comes to editing the files, the app provides several options, as you can delete, move, copy, transfer, replicate, rotate or snap the selected elements. Editing the layers is particularly simple, as you may move, align, transfer, delete or swap them with minimum effort.

Although this tool cannot save or export the adjustments made to your documents, it features a built-in option that enables the printing of multiple files on the go.

In conclusion, ViewMate proves to be a handy tool for all users who want to view and edit the CAD data stored within Gerber files.

ViewMate was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on September 20th, 2014
ViewMate - The main window of the application allows you to view the content of the Gerber file.ViewMate - You can import data from multiple file types and print the content by using the File menu.ViewMate - The Setup menu allows you to change the visible items and the layer settings.ViewMate - screenshot #4ViewMate - screenshot #5ViewMate - screenshot #6ViewMate - screenshot #7ViewMate - screenshot #8ViewMate - screenshot #9

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