Voltage Drop Calculator

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Calculate voltage drop based on NEC methods




The Voltage Drop Calculator LISP routine was designed to calculate voltage drop based on NEC methods. Works with different type of circuits and wires, allows temperature correction. Results will be inserted directly in the AutoCAD drawing.

AutoCAD provides many methods of loading AutoLISP programs. Two of the most common are discussed in the following:

Method 1
Use AutoCAD's "appload" command to load "vd.lsp" file. See AutoCAD's command reference for further instructions. To start the routine type VD at AutoCAD command prompt.

Method 2
A line of code may be added to the "acad*.lsp" file such as the following:

(load "vd")

This will automatically load the program each time a new drawing is opened. To start the routine type VD at AutoCAD command prompt.

"acad*.lsp" file for AutoCAD R12 is "acad.lsp"
"acad*.lsp" file for AutoCAD R13 is "acadr13.lsp"
"acad*.lsp" file for AutoCAD R14 is "acadr14.lsp"
"acad*.lsp" file for AutoCAD 2000 is "acad2000.lsp"

Before modifying "acad*.lsp" file save it under different name to prevent accidental file corruption.
Last updated on February 10th, 2009

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