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This complex professional application was developed to help you create pipe network designs for sewer, vacuum sewer or water distribution

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WaterNET-CAD is an advanced and reliable software solution whose main function resides in offering you the ability to design complex pipe networks, providing numerous CAD tools and features to help you in your work.

Well-organized and accessible looks

The application displays a neatly-structured and easy to understand user interface, with its main components sorted in a fairly common fashion for this type of programs.

WaterNET-CAD’s ribbon features easy access to all of the functions that you can work with, while also allowing you to access them from their corresponding menus: ‘File’, ‘Edit’, ‘View’, ‘Format’, ‘Draw’, ‘Dimensions’, ‘Modify’, ‘Tools’ and ‘Hydraulics’.

Design water and sewer pipe networks with minimal effort

The program supports several file formats, namely DWG, DXF, LCD and SHP, meaning you can edit them using WaterNET-CAD regardless of their type. Among some of the provided editing functions are the ability to cut, copy, erase, rotate, mirror, scale, explode, join and more.

The ‘Draw’ menu of the utility enables you to insert lines and rays, but also polylines, polygons, splines, rectangles, arcs, circles, ellipses, points, bits of text, raster images and boundaries.

From the ‘Format’ menu of WaterNET-CAD, you can customize ‘Layers’, ‘Colors’, ‘Linetypes’, ‘Lineweights’, ‘Text, ‘Point’, ‘Dimensions’, ‘Multilines’ styles or ‘Images’ and ‘Layouts’. You can also modify the ‘Units’ and ‘Limits’ or create and adjust ‘Blocks’. Moreover, the ‘Hydraulics’ options allow you to add several types of networks, specifically ‘Sewer’, ‘Pressure’, ‘Vacuum’ and ‘Storm’.

A handy pipe network designer

To conclude, WaterNET-CAD is a professional-grade application aimed to help you draw pipe networks from scratch, providing you with a wide range of tools and components aimed to save you both time and effort in the process.

WaterNET-CAD was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 4th, 2014
WaterNET-CAD - The main window of WaterNET-CAD allows you to open an existing DWG, DXF or LCD file or create your own from scratchWaterNET-CAD - From the context menu, you can copy an element to clipboard, or move, rotate, mirror and erase itWaterNET-CAD - The File menu enables you to build a new file as well as open an existing one for further editingWaterNET-CADWaterNET-CADWaterNET-CADWaterNET-CADWaterNET-CADWaterNET-CADWaterNET-CADWaterNET-CADWaterNET-CADWaterNET-CADWaterNET-CADWaterNET-CAD

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