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A visually-appealing application that enables users of all ages to admire and explore the universe, its planets, nebulae or constellations

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Microsoft WorldWide Telescope is an application designed for exploring the universe, including planets and constellations. It can be used by users of all ages.

The interface is modern and attractive, and includes an intuitive navigational system. You can move around using the mouse cursor, zoom in and out, rotate and tilt the view. Xbox 360 controllers are supported as well.

It is possible to filter the shown layers, such as planets, constellations, grids, field of view indicators, asteroids, the Milky Way, lighting and shadows, fade to black effect, and screen broadcast.

From the bottom part of the screen you can click an element to jump to it in the view mode. Microsoft WorldWide Telescope supplies users with several collections to choose from.

Plus, you can click the mouse right button to display the finder scope and details on coordinates, magnitude, distance, planet rise and set time, among others.

Additionally, you can use a search function, adjust telescope control settings, disable smooth panning, enable full web browser, use proxies, as well as create a new figure library of constellation lines.

Unfortunately, the application has a lower-than-average response time and uses high memory. We have noticed it slowed down the runtime of other applications in our tests. Nevertheless, Microsoft WorldWide Telescope offers a fun and interactive way to explore the universe.

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 9th, 2015
Microsoft WorldWide Telescope - The main window of Microsoft WorldWide Telescope enables you to start exploring stars in the universeMicrosoft WorldWide Telescope - Microsoft WorldWide Telescope can provide detailed information about various stars, planets or constellationsMicrosoft WorldWide Telescope - If you want to find out further details about a certain object, you can look it up on Wikipedia, SEDS or NEDMicrosoft WorldWide Telescope - screenshot #4Microsoft WorldWide Telescope - screenshot #5Microsoft WorldWide Telescope - screenshot #6Microsoft WorldWide Telescope - screenshot #7Microsoft WorldWide Telescope - screenshot #8Microsoft WorldWide Telescope - screenshot #9

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