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You can work with this efficient and user-friendly software utility to perform automated astrometric data reduction of CCD images

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XParallax VIU is a comprehensive application developed for professional and amateur astronomers, functioning as an astrometric reduction utility, in the attempt to provide you with calibrated images.

Astrometry refers to the measurements performed in astronomy, in the intent to generate accurate visual representations of all the stars, planets and other celestial objects by calculating their exact positions.

XParallax VIU makes use of several mathematical algorithms to obtain the proper ascention and declination of all the pixels in a picture, by resorting to catalog reference stars from the VizieR Service for Astronomical Catalogue in Strasbourg, France.

This results in precise astrometric reductions of numerous image files, which can later be used in data analysis procedures. Additionally, the FIT and FITS headers created with XParallax VIU are supported by other similar software, such as Aladin Sky Atlas or SAO DS9.

The program allows you to load the file you want to work with, supporting several formats, namely JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIF, BMP, TIFF, ST6, FIT and FITS. XParallax VIU reads 32 bit floating point, as well as 8, 16 and 32 bit integer FITS, while also letting you edit their headers.

Afterward, you can select the preferred operation from the 'Image Processing' menu. You can opt for 'Image Calibration' or 'Astrometric Reduction'. It supports batch mode, enabling you to load entire folders of data and process them with a just a few button presses.

XParallax VIU can be used by observatories, as it offers a means of easily obtaining astrometrically calibrated images and working with them, but it can find purpose in the hands of amateur astronomers by allowing them to process their images with the least amount of effort.

To summarize, XParallax VIU is a useful and reliable software solution which can automatically perform astrometric data reduction operations, designed specifically for astronomy-related work.

XParallax VIU was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on December 18th, 2014
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