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A handy and intuitive Excel application that allows you to plot the impedance, frequency and magnitude of several electronic devices

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Working with electronic devices means a lot of precise calculations and measurement, as an error can make your whole device short circuit and malfunction. That is why it is important to thoroughly analyze the characteristics and properties of each device before using it.

An application that can help you perform advanced analysis of impedance, along with other related data is Zplots. It works as an Excel spreadsheets, meaning that you need to have Microsoft Office Excel in order to use it.

Dependable and easy to use graph plotter with intuitive GUI

The program helps you compute various mathematical values related to electronic devices, such as Standing Wave Ratio(SWR), resistance(Rs), reactance(Xs), impedance magnitude(Zmag), impedance angle(Theta), reflection coefficient magnitude(Rho), return loss(RL), reflection coefficient angle(Phase), reflected power, quality factor(Q, |Xs| / Rs), resistance(Rp), reactance(Xp) and equivalent inductance for series and parallels Xs(Ls (µH)), Xs(Cs (pF)), Xp(Lp (µH)) and Xp(Cp (pF)).

By computing all these values, you are able to properly calibrate any device, so that it functions within optimal parameters.

Straightforward and comprehensive analysis tool for electronic devices

With the help of Zplots, you can generate graphs for each parameter characteristic to an electronic device, such as frequency or impedance. By doing so, you can compare the values you entered with the optimal ones, so that you can correctly use the machine.

Aside from that, you have the possibility to choose the graph generated, depending on your necessities or preferences. Choosing whether you use a grid or round graph can help you faster understand the properties of your plot.

An intuitive Excel spreadsheet plot analyzer and graph generator

To conclude, Zplots provides you with a stable environment for generating detailed graphs and plots, in order to analyze the properties of certain electronic devices.

Zplots was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 10th, 2015
ZplotsZplotsZplots - Zplots is an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to compute the impedance and analyze the frequency of certain electronic devices.Zplots - In the Custom sheet, you can view a detailed graph that displays the distribution of Rs and Xs compared to frequency.Zplots - By accessing the Smith sheet, you can view the SWR circle representation of the frequency.ZplotsZplotsZplotsZplotsZplotsZplotsZplotsZplotsZplotsZplotsZplotsZplotsZplots

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