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You can use this simple and lightweight application to view a variety of medical images, such as an ultrasound or a computed tomography

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ezDICOM is a user-friendly and efficient software solution designed mainly for doctors, both practitioners and students, to provide them with a reliable means of viewing and analyzing medical imagery.

The program is fairly simple to understand and work with, requiring very little knowledge with similar tools. It features a basic and unimpressive interface that enables anyone to handle it with ease. However, it can also run in Command Line mode, for more experienced users.

ezDICOM lets users load a variety of medical images into the main window, for instance DICOM, Genesis, Interfile, Vision, RAW format, ECAT 6/7, Analyze Header, as well as regular picture formats, like JPG or BMP.

Once it is opened, the file can be expanded for more detailed analysis, with the possibility of zooming in using the assigned slider. From a dedicated menu, users can view the image in 'Black and White', 'Hot Metal', 'Cardiac', 'GE Color', 'Bone' or several other modes.

Moreover, it allows users to read image information or adjust the 'Contrast' and 'Brightness' for better identification of problematic areas. This can be done by clicking on the picture and moving the computer mouse.

ezDICOM enables users to convert the currently open medical image to Analyze, DICOM or Interfile, so they can work with it in other applications that do not support other formats. The utility supports displaying multiple files at the same time, providing users the option to arrange them in 'Cascade' or 'Tile', a feature which can prove quite useful in the case of comparisons, as it allows them to be viewed in parallel.

To conclude, ezDICOM is an intuitive and helpful medical image viewer, that features a limited yet essential number of features, aimed at offering users to a simple tool to analyze their DICOM files, without too much effort.

ezDICOM was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 23rd, 2014
ezDICOM - The application allows you to load medical images for better and clearer  analyzing.ezDICOM - Choose from the preset effects and drag the mouse to analyze different categories of images.ezDICOM - This image effect, for example is meant to accentuate the contrast in a medical image.ezDICOM - From the File menu users can open various medical image files, print or save them.ezDICOM - screenshot #5ezDICOM - screenshot #6

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