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Extract data from 2D graphs in bitmap files and digitize it, with the possibility to save work on larger projects and pick it up at a later time

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In this day and age digitizing regular information available on paper requires a scanner and the data is immediately acquired. But in the case of technical details things may not this simple because sets of values also need to be extracted.

Extract the values from 2D graphs

In the case of a 2D graphical representation of two axes there is the possibility to extract values from bitmap files.

xyExtract Graph Digitizer has been designed for this type of job and it does not entail too complicated steps to achieve the goal.

The installation process should not give any trouble, although there are plenty of bumps on the road.

Spartan looks, easy to work with

At the end of the operation a minimalist interface awaits loading the bitmap image containing all the details. The entire procedure of digitizing the data is guided and consists in defining the minimum and the maximum values available on the two axes.

Another step requires defining the points and the job is carried out by plotting the center of each point. The task can be a tedious one and in case of doing something wrong there is the possibility to adjust the marks.

The final step of the process is to save all the data, which is also the easiest part of the task. According to the developer, the application can extract around 1,500 points in a graph.


xyExtract Graph Digitizer is one alternative to digitizing 2D graphs and their information but it might be the right tool for the job. It is not difficult to work with but in the case of larger projects it does require more time for completion. Luckily, it can save a project so that work can be picked up at a later time.

xyExtract Graph Digitizer was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 1st, 2014
xyExtract Graph Digitizer - In order to extract the data you have to provide the details for the X and Y furthest points in the graphxyExtract Graph Digitizer - The context menu offers access to the data entries for the axes and the points as well as to the adjustments panelxyExtract Graph Digitizer - Dismissing the project, clearing all the data or saving it can be easily done with a click of the mousexyExtract Graph Digitizer - screenshot #4

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