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A tool designed to help users to easily recover passwords for Adobe Acrobat PDF files, thus allowing them to open these documents

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The Portable Document Format (also known as PDF) is one of the most common and elegant ways of storing text documents and books and sharing them with other people over the Internet.

When you use with different passwords to publish a large of number documents you might forget or misplace some of them. For such situations you can try Advanced PDF Password Recovery Pro, an app built to get you the protective countersign, as its name suggests so clearly.

The application is designed to try every possible password until the document opens; this kind of action is known as “brute force” approach. It may take some time but the file gets opened. You can help the program and limit the number of combinations by specifying the type of characters (caps, small, digits, special symbols) or the length of the password as a limit.

Another way to help narrow down the list of potential passwords is to specify a pattern or a mask such as “Internet???” or “I???????526” if you know a part of the password. If you have specific words that you use to create a password, the program features a Dictionary method that requires a text file and will create all possible combinations.

Based on the criteria and the hints that you provided and the computer configuration Advanced PDF Password Recovery Pro can do a test run to estimate the time it takes to find the magic formula. It can run in the background auto-saving the progress and you can set the priority options that will allow you to continue your work.

This powerful program comes with some limitations that can be removed by purchasing a license from the developer's website. The unregistered version of the program allows you to recover passwords up to four digits and will decrypt only the first 10% of the document's pages, replacing the other pages with blank ones.

Advanced PDF Password Recovery Pro was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on July 7th, 2014
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