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An efficient software solution designed to help you unlock password-protected PDF files, no matter what version of Adobe Acrobat they come with

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Advanced PDF Password Recovery Standard is an advanced Windows application designed to decrypt password-protected PDF files.

As you may know, PDF files can be protected with a password to prevent editing, content copying, printing or any other operation, so this particular software solution is specifically designed to unlock the document.

And it wants to do that with the help of a well-organized interface that uses a tabbed layout, every single tab sporting its very own pack of settings.

There are four different attack modes, namely brute force, mask, dictionary and key search, each coming with a wide array of configuration options displayed in the aforementioned tabs.

It’s very important to check all these options because this way you’re allowed to provide details about the used password, if you know some of course, and thus increase the overall efficiency of the recovery process.

You can for instance choose to check all digits or only caps, enable spaces and special symbols, define the minimal and the maximal lengths, set up the dictionary and the key search processes, turn on auto-save and adjust priority settings.

The overall time needed to break a password depends on a number of parameters, including the overall length of the password and the characters it uses. Still, Advanced PDF Password Recovery Standard remains light on hardware resources most of the time and works well on all Windows versions.

To sum up, Advanced PDF Password Recovery Standard deserves a chance since it can help us in such a critical task, offering most of the features you need for this kind of app: a well-organized interface, a detailed help menu and lots of configuration options to set up the recovery process.

Advanced PDF Password Recovery was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 29th, 2014
Advanced PDF Password Recovery - The main window allows you to open a PDF file and choose the type of password recovery method you want to useAdvanced PDF Password Recovery - Depending on the type of attack, you can specify how many characters should the minimum and maximum password featureAdvanced PDF Password Recovery - Accessing the Dictionary tab enables you to try all possible upper or lower case combinations or convert to OEM encodingAdvanced PDF Password Recovery - The Key search tab enables you to set a start and end block value or to use pre-computed hash tablesAdvanced PDF Password Recovery - You can manually save your project whenever you want or you can auto-save it by setting a time frameAdvanced PDF Password Recovery - screenshot #6Advanced PDF Password Recovery - screenshot #7