All-In-One Password Decoder

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A user-friendly and reliable application functioning as a universal tool to recover passwords protected with various encoding algorithms

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All-In-One Password Decoder is a lightweight and easy to understand software solution created to provide you with a comprehensive means of retrieving your encrypted access keys, with a minimal level of effort required.

Full attention during installation

During the setup operation, you should pay attention to the various steps of the wizard, as you will also be offered to install third-party tools which are not required for full functioning.

As such, you can accept or decline the offer, after which the process will undergo as normal, enabling you to start working with it right away.

Clean and intuitive looks

The application features a fairly simple and straightforward user interface, its unimpressive looks proving potentially helpful for inexperienced individuals, as you will not need to waste too much time figure out how to best benefit from it.

The main window features three main fields, namely ‘Encoded Password’, where you can enter the string you wish to decrypt, the ‘Encoding Type’ menu and the ‘Decoded Password’, where you can retrieve the readable key.

Swiftly recover your access key for multiple programs

All-In-One Password Decoder allows you to input the source text by pasting it from clipboard. It lets you choose the corresponding type of encoding, ranging from ‘Base64’, to ‘Yahoo64’, ‘Hex to Char’, ‘Cisco Type 7 Router’, ‘IDM’, ‘VNC’, ‘SmartFTP’, ‘Meebo’, and several others. However, only one item at a time can be converted.

Once everything is set into place, you can go ahead and click on the ‘Decode Password’ button, retrieving the usable pass key and copying to your clipboard with a single button press, then paste it in the proper field to regain access to your software.

A handy password decryption tool

To sum it up, All-In-One Password Decoder is a useful and effective utility that can successfully assist you in decrypting forgotten or misplaced access keys for a variety of programs, saving you time and effort in the process.

All-In-One Password Decoder was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 3rd, 2015
All-In-One Password Decoder - The main window of All-In-One Password Decoder allows you to input the text you want to decryptAll-In-One Password Decoder - From the dedicated menu, you can select the application or algorithm your password is encrypted in