Atomic ZIP Password Recovery

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Recover forgotten passwords for ZIP and WinZIP archives automatically

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Atomic Zip Password Cracker is a tool that can recover forgotten passwords to ZIP archives.

The software features a standard interface that consists of a wizard in which you select the source file, decrypting method (automatic, manual, Dictionary Attack), and then start the process.

The automatic mode enables Atomic Zip Password Cracker to use standard settings to find a password, but these can be configured in manual mode.

So, you can enable search for small letters, capital letters, numbers, and special characters. Furthermore, you can specify the starting and ending passwords to check (the program goes through possible passwords in an alphabetical order).

Dictionary Attack enables you to add dictionaries and specific words that it can test for and select case transformations (as is, lower and upper, all combinations).

According to our tests, the program found these combinations: passwords with all small letters, all capital letters, all numbers, and all symbols (up to five characters). It also found one password with small caps and letters (i.e. "cat12"), but it was unable to do so with a similar one (i.e. "img12"). We can only assume it automatically used a dictionary for the found keys, and that it cannot handle more powerful encryption combinations.

The software took only several minutes to find those passwords (in default settings, and default + user defined settings for the password with special symbols), while using minimum system memory, and it did not pop up any errors.

It is possible to save a session and continue later. But the software doesn't remember the password combinations it has already tried, so it starts from the beginning. Only settings are saved.

All in all, Atomic Zip Password Cracker is a great tool for decrypting ZIP archives, especially when you compare it with other similar products.

Atomic ZIP Password Recovery was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on January 18th, 2013
Atomic ZIP Password Recovery - Atomic Zip Password Cracker will help you recover forgotten passwords for ZIP and WinZIP archives automaticallyAtomic ZIP Password Recovery - Users will be able to customize the Password recovery alphabet and Password length limitation