FTP Password Dump

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A simple and efficient command line based application that can be used to recovery your lost or forgotten FTP username and password

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FTP Password Dump is a handy and reliable piece of software created to provide you with a simple means of quickly retrieving your FTP account credentials, both username and password, with minimal effort.

Third-party installation notice

Make sure you pay attention during the installation process, as the program will also offer to install some third party applications which it does not need in order to function.

You can accept or decline the offer, after which the process will undergo as normal, allowing you to begin working with FTP Password Dump right away.

Command line interface

The utility only functions in command line, which means some might find it a bit overwhelming, but its usage is in fact quite straightforward, so experience is not truly essential.

However, if you feel that a Graphical User Interface version might be more suited to your skills and knowledge, you can consider trying FTP Password Decryptor, and benefit from similar functionality.

Recover your FTP credentials in just a few mouse moves

To get started, you need to open a Command Prompt window, bearing in mind the fact that if you open one in admin mode, you will need to manually change directory and type the path to the FTP Password Dump executable, while in regular mode you can just drop it over CMD and press enter.

The discovered information is displayed in a list, enumerating the FTP software that you use, the server URL, as well as the username and password. To export the information, you can use the argument ‘-f’ followed by the name of the file you wish to create ( for example ‘FTPPasswordDump.exe -f “c:\Test.txt” ’).

A useful FTP account retriever

Overall, FTP Password Dump proves to be a simple and quite efficient application that you can resort to whenever you need to recover any lost FTP credentials, supporting a wide range of programs, including FileZilla, SmartFTP and FTP Commander.

FTP Password Dump was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 8th, 2015
FTP Password Dump - FTP Password Dump is a simple command line application that enables you to recovery your FTP account and password