File Decryption Tool of BestSync

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Decrypt all files that have been created and archived with BestSync to a user-defined folder on your computer by providing the correct password

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File Decryption Tool of BestSync is a small Windows application designed specifically for helping you decrypt all files that have been previously encrypted using BestSync, a software program specialized in offering file synchronization and backup options.

The advantages of being portable

The portable running mode helps you open the utility on your system by simply running the EXE file (the installation process is bypassed). You may copy the tool on any USB flash drive or other devices and get rid of it by deleting the files that you have grabbed from the Internet.

It doesn’t write entries in your Windows registry and store configuration data in your computer, so you may run it without administrative privileges.

Wizard-like approach

File Decryption Tool of BestSync employs a wizard for helping you decrypt files. This approach is suitable especially for less experienced users, as they are offered step-by-step assistance throughout the entire configuration process.

Decryption options

The application helps you specify the source folder that includes the archived file that you want to decrypt. In addition, you may provide the target directory but this step is not mandatory in case you plan to decompress the archive to the source folder.

What’s more, File Decryption Tool of BestSync gives you the possibility to enter the password hint and password characters, build up a list with files that are excluded or included from/to the process, as well as filter items by file type and include subfolders too.

At the end of the decompression task, you can view information about the total number of detected items, filtered items, total size, failed files, and processing speed. The utility reveals a list with the files embedded in the archive and displays a few details about them, such as filename, time, result, and size.

Bottom line

All in all, File Decryption Tool of BestSync combines an intuitive environment with several handy features in order to help you decrypt BestSync archived files. It can be mastered by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

File Decryption Tool of BestSync was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on December 15th, 2014
File Decryption Tool of BestSync - This is the way you will be able to choose which BestSync encrypted files you want to decryptFile Decryption Tool of BestSync - This window will require you to select the folder you want to process and enter the correct passwordFile Decryption Tool of BestSync - You will have the possibility to exclude certain files located in the previously-chosen folderFile Decryption Tool of BestSync - The Filter window is the place where you can select to process a specific file format