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An efficient and reliable application functioning in command line mode, which you can use to retrieve the forgotten or misplaced password in instant messengers

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IM Password Dump is an advanced piece of software designed to function only in command line; its main purpose is to help you recover your access credentials from a variety of chat utilities.

Installation notes

During the installation, it is advisable that you pay attention to the steps of the wizard, as you will be offered to also install some third party tools which the program does not require in order to function properly.

As such, you can accept or decline the offer, after which the process will undergo as normal, enabling you to start working with it right away.

Command Line interface

Because IM Password Dump does not feature a graphical user interface, it may deter many from even trying it, as you do need some knowledge and experience in order to be able to benefit from its functions. A GUI alternative would be Messenger Password Decryptor.

For those of you with some basic skills in CMD, the application can prove quite handy, on the condition that you know which is the proper syntax you need to use to get the expected results.

Recover instant messenger passwords

It is advisable that you run command prompt in ‘Administrator’ mode, changing directory until you reach the installation folder of  IM Password Dump, then input the proper argument and hit the ‘Enter’ key.

The program will automatically analyze your system and retrieve all the detected account credentials (username, password and used service) in the console, for a wide range of IM tools, including Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger. Optionally, you can export the list to a TXT file.

CMD password retriever

To summarize, IM Password Dump is an effective application which can help you recover the access details for multiple instant messenger utilities, in just a few quick button presses.

IM Password Dump was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
IM Password Dump - IM Password Dump is a simple command line utility that can find the password for a variety of instant messenger toolsIM Password Dump - All of the detected passwords can be exported to a TXT file, so you can reuse them later