Microsoft Excel Protection Remover

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A reliable, practical and useful utility that helps you to remove passwords from various Ms Excel worksheets and workbooks effortlessly

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Microsoft Excel Protection Remover is a comprehensive and effective application whose main purpose is to remove passwords from Excel files, thus allowing you to edit any protected cell.

Sometimes, there might be situations when you forget your password and you cannot open your Excel document that contains important data. This program enables you to remove any existing password and access your files effortlessly.

The main window of Microsoft Excel Protection Remover is sectioned in two panels, one that allows you to view all of the selected files, while the other displays the folder location where all your new documents will be saved.

Also, you can choose the Excel format you want to save your documents to, such as Excel 2007-2010 or Excel 97-2003. The left section enables you to browse for new files or remove the selected one.

Although it allows you to open more than one Excel document, the application is able to remove the password for only one file at a time. This way, you need to perform the same action for each document. Another downside of the program is that it does not support drag and drop, so you need to use the build-in browser function in case you want to add new documents to the application.

After that, you can remove the passwords from the selected Excel document by using the proper option from the Run menu.

One important aspect to remember is that the application is not able to remove VBA passwords. Only those created with ‘Protect sheet’ and ‘Protect workbook’ commands in Excel will be removed from your files.

To conclude, Microsoft Excel Protection Remover comes in handy for users who need to remove passwords from various Excel documents and access them instantly.

Microsoft Excel Protection Remover was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 17th, 2014
Microsoft Excel Protection Remover - From the main window you will be able to add and decrypt the desired excel documents.