Password Unlocker Bundle Standard

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A selection of applications that enables you to recover and decrypt passwords for Microsoft Office documents, Internet accounts and database files

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Although password protection is vital when it comes to securing your files and documents from unauthorized access, they can also turn on you, in case you ever forget the combination used to lock them. Hence, you can permanently lose access to the information stored in those documents, unless you employ the services of a password recovery application.

Recover file, archive and Internet passwords

Password Unlocker Bundle Standard is a software utility that enables you to regain your sensitive data, by decrypting and unlocking password-protected files and documents. Hence, whether you want to unlock a plain Microsoft Word file, or you intend on retrieving the information for your Outlook account, they can all be achieved using the application's decryption abilities.

Beside the files that are stored on your computer, you can also perform the operation on website accounts, such as blogs, emails or forums. In addition, your instant messaging account passwords for applications like GTalk or MSN can be retrieved as well, by scanning your computer for any compatible IM clients and accounts.

Search your computer for encrypted files

In case you have forgotten your operating system password and you are unable to login, Password Unlocker Bundle Standard enables you to create a bootable password reset disc, or an USB flash drive, alternatively. Using this, you can remove the admin and user passwords entirely and regain access to your computer.

The search utility provides you with the ability to find any encrypted files you may happen to find on your hard disk. Although you are able to scan the entire system, you can also personalize the search and choose to skip certain folders, or manually select the ones you want to check. Once the procedure is done, you can view information about each found item, including protection type, file size and the date of the last modification.

A fully-featured password retriever

All in all, Password Unlocker Bundle Standard provides you with a complete set of useful tools when it comes to password recovery. Furthermore, the easy-to-use interface allow you to effortlessly take full advantage of its functions, while also enabling less experienced users to recover their passwords.

Password Unlocker Bundle Standard was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 31st, 2014
Password Unlocker Bundle Standard [DISCOUNT: 30% OFF!] - You can view the available recovery options in the main window of the application.Password Unlocker Bundle Standard [DISCOUNT: 30% OFF!] - The File menu allows you to perform file, database, email and website password recovery.Password Unlocker Bundle Standard [DISCOUNT: 30% OFF!] - The Internet Password section enables you to recover your Outlook and Internet Explorer passwords.Password Unlocker Bundle Standard [DISCOUNT: 30% OFF!] - screenshot #4