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Reveals passwords that are hidden under asterisks in browsers, e-mail or FTP clients or any other application, allowing the user to view it

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ShowPass can reveal an asterisk password from a dedicated field in your browser or any other application installed on your computer. Its purpose is to show the key you entered in order to avoid entering the password all over again just because a single character is mistyped.

An application such as ShowPass can also prove useful in situations when you forgot your password, but your browser is set to remember it. In this situation, the security key is intelligently hidden under asterisks and you cannot recover it unless you go through a password reset procedure.

ShowPass features a forthright interface and is very easy to install and use. There are no configuration options to deal with and no algorithms to choose from.

The GUI consists of a single window comprising a password field and a target button that enables you to point to the field you want the application to read. To do so, you simply have to drag and drop the target symbol onto the desired field. Once you do so, the password is immediately shown in the designated section.

You must keep in mind that ShowPass is only designed to work with asterisk passwords and it might not work on fields that hide the password under dots, which is the case with the majority of modern browsers and desktop applications.

ShowPass is a tool worth having around for disclosing passwords that are put out of sight in special fields. The ease of use is one of its strong points, but the fact that it only works with asterisk fields is a drawback, indeed. Unfortunately, it has not received an update in a long time, but having it work with dots as well might really add it value and attract more users.

ShowPass was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on January 31st, 2014

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