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A simple and easy to use application that is able to help you get back lost passkeys which are used for accessing various programs and even user accounts

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Restoring lost data can often be a tedious job, but if someone loses a piece of very important information, they are surely willing to go to any lengths in order to recover it.

This applies especially to logins and access passwords that are used for opening programs, connecting to online services and so on. To help those who lost or misplaced their passwords, a utility like recALL could be a life saver.

A wizard-like interface ensures a smooth recovery

With the setup procedure complete, users will be able to immediately start the app and begin the recovery operation. The GUI is very simple and easy to work with, so even less experienced users should have no problems in getting along with recALL.

The friendly wizard employed by this tool allows for a quick configuration of the task so that the software can take care of the scanning and recovery on its own, without requiring any further intervention.

Multiple recovery modes and in-depth scanning to get back all the passwords

The actual operation of recALL is a breeze and the first step on the way to restoring the lost passcodes is the selection of a recovery mode. There are three supported methods, each addressing a different scenario.

Thus, users can go for the fully automatic recovery mode and allow the application to perform a full search and display all the passwords from all the supported programs it can detect on the system.

The second option would be to pick a single file and have recALL find the passkey related to that item. Finally, there is a third method and this is dedicated to FTP and e-mail program password recovery, with support for both SMTP and POP3 protocols.

A handy tool for all those who wish to retrieve lost passwords on the fly

To sum things up, recALL performs well and seems to be the real deal when it comes to regaining access to apps and accounts for which the login credentials were lost.

The ability to export the output to various formats, including text, HTML and ZIP does nothing more than to further increase the value of this software solution.

recALL was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 2nd, 2015
recALL - This is the main window of recALL that allows you to choose the type of job you want to start.recALL - During the scan conducted by recALL you can view the discovered logins, passwords and associated files.recALL - recALL makes it possible for you to export the output in a variety of formats and to a folder of your choosing.

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